The Brokerage

Welcome to BPH Realty. Our motto is “business that is always personal”. As our clients can attest, Barb and I have the privilege to make our business personal each day. In getting to know our clients we can give opinions and advice that draw not only upon our knowledge of the housing markets, but upon our growing relationship with them. We regularly help clients with mortgage lenders, insurance agents, inspectors, contractors, interior designers, neighborhoods, churches, and more. We spend countless hours in discussions with clients in topics that range from paint colors to marriage counseling. At times we even know about pregnancies before grandma and grandpa!

We most likely will be spending a lot of time with you! If you don't like us, don't trust us, or feel uncomfortable with us, graciously let us know and we will encourage you to find a Realtor that better fits you. This is important. This company exists because in the past we have been successful at satisfying the needs and desires of the clients we serve. We feel a significant amount of responsibility in helping people anchor or uproot their lives and we are privileged to be a part of the process. At BPH, we want your business, but more importantly, we want you to make the right decisions for you, your family, and your life.

Ben Hook, Realtor and Agent, BPH Realty

Business that is always personal!

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